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Choose Right Loction

Choosing Right Location Should One Look At Investing In Big Cities?

When it comes to choosing a location, the consumer looks at connectivity and availability of basic urban and social infrastructure in that area. Big cities have that advantage. Land values are very high in many big cities. When investing in a big city, keep a few things in mind. If you are purchasing for self use, buy in a neighbourhood that has all the conveniences that you require and also has good accessibility to the rest of the city. Even in premium localities, if you keep searching, you will find properties that suit your budget. If you cannot afford the premium rates, look for a locality on the fringes of your area of choice.

How To Choose The Right Property?

One should buy property in an area that has adequate basic amenities such as power, water, sewerage, etc. It is important to do your checks and balances while deciding on a project. Infrastructure in the area, connectivity, builder’s goodwill, and price of the property is key components a buyer needs to take into consideration. A buyer should also carefully checkpoints such as the builder’s experience, number of projects completed and delivered, and banking institutions involved, and present buy options available to suit your requirements. It is better you conduct a field survey before identifying a suitable property meeting your budget and location preference.

Should One Invest In Small Cities?

In small cities, the appreciation is usually less but so is the initial investment compared to the metros. However, with major infrastructural developments, cities like Indore, Coimbatore, Bhubaneshwar, and a few others are witnessing growth in prices as well as returns. Always choose a city that has good economic drivers such as IT, ITeS, or manufacturing hubs. This ensures continued user interest for re-sale when you want to exit an investment or for rental returns while you hold the property till it is well leveraged and gives good returns.

What Makes An Area A Preferred Location For Home Buyers?

Focus on residential properties that have potential for assured rental yields and capital appreciation. Projects close to workplace catchments, industrial hubs, and locations with high appreciation value should be considered.

What Are The Long Term Benefits Of Investing In Tier-3 Cities?

The benefit of investing in Tier-3 cities is that with very little investment you can become a part of the growth bandwagon. Lucknow and Hyderabad are two cities which
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